Happy teacup homes are having amazing Teacup Maltese puppies for sale. You will get high quality and standardized puppies here. We offer amazing customer service and support to our customers. Our main aim is to grow healthy and high quality Mini Maltese puppies for sale with our excellent work ethics. We even welcome our customers' feedback and suggestions.

Mini Maltese puppies are great with children of almost all ages, of course adult supervision with any dog is always recommended.
All Around GREAT family puppies and companion dog. Maltese are attentive, smart, and so affectionate puppies so everyone's love.

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These Maltese terrier puppies for sale near me are gentle and fearless dog breeds; this breed puppies treat everyone as a friend. Their white coat gives them a haughty nobility look. These vigorous puppies are not only good companion or friends but also considered as therapy dogs.

In ancient times maltese terrier puppies called by many names like Melitae Dog, Ye Ancient Dog of Malta, Roman Ladies Dog, The Comforter, The Spaniel Gentle, Bichon, Maltese Lion Dog, Maltese Terrier and now they are known as Maltese.

These toy breed is covered with silky white hair which is covering its full body. Their hairs are straight and silky falling over the floor. In older periods Maltese came in different colors but in recent times they only come in white color. These puppies don't have undercoats. 

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Mini Maltese terriers for sale near me have slightly rounded skulls, black noses, drop ears, alert eyes, short & straight legs and graceful tails. These are sweet, intelligent dogs devoted to their people. They are full of energy and are quick learners when rewarded for their efforts. Maltese puppies need a lot of attention and even suffer from anxiety because of separation.  


Maltese for sale near me do not weigh more than seven pounds at the time of maturity, four to six pound is being preferred. Males maltese puppies are eight to ten inches tall at the shoulder while female maltese puppies are eight to nine inches tall. 


Maltese puppies think whoever they meet, animal or human, are their friend. Maltese puppies need early socialization exploring sound, sights, and experience. These ensure that white Maltese puppies for sale near me grow as well rounded puppies. Health issues that may occur in Maltese puppies are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and von Willebrand's disease. 


Maltese puppies love regular walks and playing outside. They are playful in their old age also. They are house dogs and don’t need extreme heat or cold. Maltese puppies need ¼ to ½ high quality food a day divided in two times. 

Color and grooming

Maltese puppies for sale coats are pure white, silky and straight reaching the ground. Gently brush and comb their coat daily even if they have short trim. This helps to keep the mat clean. Maltese puppies become dirty easily and need bath weekly. Check your Maltese puppy's ears once a week. Maltese grow a lot of hair in ears that need to be removed. Trim their nails once or twice a month. Brush your Maltese puppy teeth at least twice or thrice a week to remove tartar build up and the bacteria that lurk inside it. Daily brushing is even better as it removes bad breath and prevents gum diseases. Maltese puppies can get along with other animals like dogs and cats if they are socialized at an early age. 

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All our Maltese puppies are born, raised and live in our house as a part of our family, kenneling dogs is against our philosophy of dog ownership.

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